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Software Development
Managed IT Solutions
Outsourced C-Suite Management
In-House Products

Our services

Software development: Bring your projects to life!

Managed IT: Entrust us with your IT infrastructure and user support. Focus on your business.

C-Suite Management: Don’t settle for mere advises. You can get the job done!

Our products

Diamond Kiosks: tailormade touch-screen kiosks, optimized for secure and efficient data collection.

B2B E-Learning: Highly scalable platform designed for professionals. Drastically improve your supply chain. Keep full control over your data.

Tackle Challenges. Now.


Find the best of breed solutions to your specific needs. Integrate them. Repeat.


Europe, Asia, Africa. Local solutions to global challenges.


From useless data to actionable information: leverage the potential of data hiding with your company.